Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its been some time

Its been some time since I posted a post. this is because of those exams. its driving me crazy. exam is on the 24th of October if I am not mistaken..however, I aint a nerd. that is the reason why I am online =P good luck to PMR candidates and whoever who is going to face examinations. RAWR

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Parade? Yeah. Bored? Yeah =.=

so today was like. from 8-10 and 10-12 AM tuition =.= then went parade coz Sathish's bday. and we went and eat at a very economic place : food court =P. den went to buy necklace blah blah.. den went to kbox. see see it was full till 4:30 =.= as we do not have any plans. we went IMAX play a while den walk walk walk walk walk till 5. omg?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tomorrow is a fairytale

wah tomorrow jau school reopens den Thursday yau holiday y not 1 week holiday ? lame school =.=
 school gonna reopen but still hair so long =P WHATS the point of going to the barber shop when only need to attend school for 3 days? =.= booo~

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I AM BACKK~ wheee.
KL was fun =D
The restaurant named Chili's is delicious but expensive 20 bucks each plate =X but u wont managed to finish 1 plate XD the burger is half of my head LOL
there is so much things to say that I dunno where to start so I decided only saying where I wen
>Sunway Pyramid
>Tropicana City Mall

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ipoh Parade =D

so today went Parade with my cousins and my sis.
when we reached we went to the underground parkings and couldnt managed to find we decided to go 4th floor. we searched like 10 mins and fortunately saw 1. we were waiting and den another car came and wanted to park there too. it was a MYVI and there were 3 malays inside there.
when the car reversed, our car and the MYVI were struggling for it although we signaled first.
they thought they gonna celebrate hari raya then very great lor like VIP =.=
that driver was saying that he came first and our driver said the same thing blah blah. that guy got mad and drove off angrily. he showed it by speeding up as if he was darn great.
went ground floor with Shaun and my cousins and sis went 3rd floor.
Shaun and I wanted to go Starbucks to do the same thing in the picture I post for the previous post.
but too bad the card board is only given for Cuppocino but we ordered Mocha blended with some cream etc and that thing cost me 16 bucks =.= we have to share that Mocha hehes =)
after that went to search for ties. and then went to see animes, keychains, necklaces and some other stuff
finally Shaun's mom called and went to popular to look for her. see books for a while and den chao. thats all for today =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


last night yau dota until 1am eh? quite a bad habit =X
and and tomorrow I am going to KL woots.YAY~
I am gonna spend an amount of money there =P.
last night I was surfing the net wif my sis and saw a funny picture =D

Logbooks Logbooks Logbooks =(

Need to complete USAHA and MAJU logbook lor.
I am doing it infront of the comp =) so it will be like *writting den suddenly fb chat POPS. stop doing and chat first.* XD thats y it takes me a week to complete 1 logbook LOL